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Tips to Surviving the Holiday Season Without Feeling Lousy

When the holidays roll around, we all start to get lazy and comfortable with cuddling inside. I do it too! It’s really hard to find motivation and continue to eat right. Here’s a few tips and suggestions to help keep you active! (I’m not going to lie and say I do ALL of these ALL the time, but definitely some stuff to consider for all of us!)

1. Choose to move your body in some way every single day. I’ve been trying my best to move around in North Carolina every day. Whether it’s yoga, going on a walk, rehearsal, etc, I try my best to do something good for my body. It never has to be anything super crazy or grueling! Anything is better than sitting on the couch. See my Instagram for a little 30-minute workout circuit!

2. Cleaning the house actually requires a decent amount of physical activity. Bending down, picking up laundry baskets, walking up and down the stairs, closet cleanout, etc., will actually do more for you than you think. Constantly moving around all day will help you feel better and less sluggish.

3. Incorporate physical activity into family outings. Go sledding, ice skating, build a snowman, bowling, laser tag, walking around and looking at Christmas lights, shopping, etc. There are so many fun things to do during the holidays that require moving your body rather than just going out to eat or laying around!

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When leaving your apartment complex or at the mall, taking the stairs makes a small difference but anything counts! :)

5. Just don’t buy it! Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are all about sweet treats and treating yourself, but if you’re shopping for groceries, sometimes just don’t buy the extra treat. It’ll save yourself from eating it at home and feeling guilty after. I’ve been pretty good lately about not buying myself ice cream and having a protein bar instead. Makes me much fuller and less bloated in the morning too!

6. Try not to drink your calories. This is a tough one for me! For awhile in NC, I was drinking two coffees a day but I’m now back down to one thankfully. LOL. But try your best to not get the sugariest, most crazy drink at Starbucks every day. I’m trying to work on that! :)

7. Limit the open bag snacking while you’re watching TV. This is the easiest way to drown yourself in never ending calories. Pour a bowl of your favorite snack and place the bag back in the pantry. That way you at least have to get up to go get more and it’ll make you less likely to do so.

8. Write down/keep track of what you’re eating. When you have to write it down, it at least makes you aware of what you’re eating and maybe you can make a more conscious choice next time around!

Like I said, will these few tips put you in the best shape of your life? No! But doing a few extra things every day to make yourself aware of your body and moving around is the best you can do! The holidays are to enjoy and treat yourself! (If you do want a good workout though, check out the new Instagram reel! :))

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