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How To Get Out Of A Funk (and Why You Need to Right Away)

So if you didn’t see my Instagram story the other day, this past week I have just been very down. I think lately I’ve been missing my family, missing my boyfriend, and have just been feeling very lonely. I think now that I’m finally settled in Atlanta, I’m not really trying to meet anyone new anymore, I’m doing the same things every single day, and so I’ve kind of hit this wall which I’ve realized I need to act on asap.

My last “funk” or “state of sadness” was a long time ago before I moved. All I wanted to do was lay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself because I wasn’t following my dreams. I wanted to hide away, wallow in self pity, and if I’m being honest, hope that others would notice. I couldn’t control my situation or the things that caused me to be like that, but I could do things to get OUT of feeling that way. I don’t want to say “distract” because you definitely don’t want to neglect the feelings you’re feeling, but just doing things that can get you out of that sad state.

I had a few people slide up on my story the other day and say things like “I feel this” or “needed this” or just a few things that acknowledged they could relate to my story in some way so I decided to make this blog post. I’m going to share thoughts and ways you can get out of a funk.

First though, here’s why it’s so important you should act on it immediately:

  1. The longer you’re sad, the deeper you fall into that hole. Say you’re having a bad day. You just got into a fight with your mom and are now mad at her. You can either apologize and go to a civilized and happy family dinner, or you can stay mad at her and eat dinner in your room. One of them solves the problem that day and the other carries it to the next. The longer you wait, the more anger is going to build between you and you let your one bad day cost you your week. Or your MONTH that you could’ve hung out with her and gone to lunch with her. The same thing applies when you’re sad. If you start one day off being upset without doing anything about it, it’s going to carry on to the next day. You’re going to continue every single day being more and more sorry for yourself until it’s too late and you feel like the world is crashing down. Act NOW.

  2. Sometimes, it makes the problem bigger than it actually is. Let’s take my case. I live a bomb ass life. I’m healthy. I have great friends. I have a family that supports and loves me. I am literally following my dreams every single day. I was upset the other day because I was feeling lonely and unmotivated. Yes, I am across the country from my family and the people I love, but in the grand scheme of things, following my dreams is GOING to be worth it. If I fell down this rabbit hole of thinking “I’m so alone” and “I’m so unmotivated” it would carry into every single day of my life. I would never hang with friends. I would never want to go to dance because I let my temporary feelings take over my WHOLE life.

Ways to get out of a funk (from a professional :) LOL)

1. Get out of bed. First and easiest step!

2. Get outside. If you’ve read more than one of my blogs, you know my family has always PREACHED the importance of getting outside and getting fresh air. It’s something I take with me in my life everyday. Even if it’s just sitting outside for 10 mins you’ll feel better. Get some sunlight or even just sit in silence.

3. Move your body. THIS!! The other day when I was feeling upset I did yoga. Stretch or go for a walk. Moving your body will feel like you’ve been productive and will also release endorphins. It also helps clear your mind.

4. Hang with friends. Another thing I did the other day when I was in a funk. I didn’t really have motivation to go to class and instead of just sitting at home and being sad, I texted some friends and had the BEST night. Being surrounded by people can help take your mind off things, help you enjoy your time, and remind you that you aren’t actually alone.

5. Listen to music and do an activity. Read, color, clean, do a puzzle, watch a new show, get off your phone! Majority of the time when I’m sad, I have a terrible habit of sitting on my phone. This only makes things worse. You see other people “having a good time” and “being happy” and it only deepens your feelings. This weekend, instead of sitting on my phone 24/7, I binge watched all season one of Bridgerton. Nothing super creative but I studied their acting and it also helped take my mind off of things. Finding activities you enjoy doing alone is SO important.

6. Cook a really good meal. Another thing I did this weekend!! I’m always just a chicken and rice girly but this weekend I made a beef, broccoli, and rice meal. Not anything crazy but I had to take the time to make something different and focus! I also learned how to make new coffee concoctions. Learn something new! Cooking is a great place to start.

7. Go shopping. We ALL know this is one of my go-tos HAHHA. Literally the other day when I was in peak sadness after laying in bed all day I said “I need to go to the thrift store” and bought two hoodies and a dress LOL. Retail therapy is real y’all. Same thing happened at Target yesterday. Ya girl loves to spend a COIN!

8. Call/chat with loved ones. Also another thing I did this weekend. Talked to my mom, my sister, my boyfriend. It’s so comforting to talk it out with people you love. Sometimes hearing their words alone can help you feel better.

9. Self care. I mean y’all should know these answers by now. :) Take a long shower/bath. Light some candles. Listen to music. Do a whole skin care routine. Put on lotion. Do your nails. Self care is so important to help you feel better!!! Feeling good about yourself automatically puts you in a better mood.

10. Write down your feelings instead of bottling them in. (AKA what I’m doing by writing this blog.) It’s important to write down what you’re feeling and acknowledge what’s going on in your life. Write it down and then forget about it. :)

Hope you’re doing okay and always remember how important it is to take some time to heal and help yourself!! And just a reminder, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm ALWAYS here. :) What’s your favorite thing to do when you get in a funk??

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