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Current Skin Care Routine

As most of you know, I have been highly dedicated to self care over the past few months. Something about putting the time and effort into taking care of yourself and your body is just so fulfilling to me and makes me really happy. I’ve been wanting to share a full skincare routine for a minute now but wanted to make sure the products I was using were actually beneficial and I deemed worth investing in. It’s finally that time! YAY. So this has been what’s working for me. I didn’t want to spend too much money and also don’t have every single step you can possibly have but I love how my skin has been looking. :)

For reference, I have really dry skin that is pretty sensitive! All are linked under the green titles!

*NOTE: I am obviously not a dermatologist. This is just what has been working for me. No guarantee it will work for everyone or if it’s technically all of the right products for my skin type! :)

*ONE MORE NOTE: Yes I still get breakouts and acne. That's LIFE. My skin is never perfect. These products have just helped to clear up some of the stuff I can control. What's out of my control is my hormonal acne and when it comes, it COMES lol.


LOVE!! I used to use the Tula cleanser and as soon as I switched to this I noticed an immediate difference in my skin.

I used to use Cerave’s vitamin c serum and when I switched to this one, I feel like it immediately changed the way my skin glowed. Obsessed.

To be honest, this isn’t my FAVORITE product in the world but it definitely does the job. I use this sunscreen moisturizer only in the morning. I like that it’s a moisturizer and sunscreen combined into one but it is sometimes hard putting makeup over it because it’ll sort of peel off. I will definitely continue to use it until the bottle runs out though. Open to new suggestions if you have some because I am definitely on the search to try a new product!

This gua sha has changed the GAME for me. I use this every morning and it’s a great way to depuff your face when you wake up. Let me know if y’all want a video tutorial on how I do it. :)

By FAR my favorite product I’ve tried from Tula. Not a big fan of their actual “skin” care, but this stick is absolutely amazing. It has a cooling effect and feels so good to wake your eyes up in the morning. It also has a little shimmer so you can use it as a highlighter. All around just brightens up your eyes in the morning!

Basic ASF but is so amazing. TBH I’m an Aquaphor girlie over Vaseline. Sorry!


1. Micellar Water + Cotton Pads (if I have on makeup to remove.)

Obsessed with micellar water. This truly changed the game for me. Clean ingredients and will take your makeup off smoothly. Makeup remover wipes just have too many unnecessary chemicals that burned/irritated my skin.

2. Double Cleanse - Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Same cleanser that I use in the morning. I double cleanse at night to make sure I get all of my makeup off.

I have been using Differin for about two years and I absolutely love it. It’s great to help dry out any bothersome, bigger pimples.

This is just their typical every day moisturizer. I love it. Once again - I used to use Tula, but Tula’s always left my skin feeling dry and not hydrated enough.

I just started using this product recently so I can’t attest to how well it works yet. I have tried other lash serums and they’ve left my eyelids irritated and itchy. I will say, this one hasn’t done that for me yet but I don’t know how well it works growth wise. I will definitely try to update!

I love this mask! Leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated.

EVERY THIRD NIGHT (Exfoliation):

1. Cleanse - Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I just started using this product recently and have already noticed the change in my skin. I’ve been on the search for a good exfoliator to just clear out my pores and only after a few uses it’s already working its magic. I will say, I know a lot of people experienced a skin purge while using it so definitely work your way up to using it. You’re only supposed to exfoliate once or twice a week and I know on the bottle it says twice a day which is absurd. Use cautiously and if you feel like you end up needing to use it more, then work your way up to that.

I bought this moisturizer at the same time I bought the liquid exfoliant because your skin needs extra hydration after exfoliating. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between this moisturizer and the Cerave one I already have but in my head I believe it’s doing something lol.


If you ever forget to put self tanner on at night or just want a beautiful and quick tan, this is your PRODUCT! I honestly don’t know how I ever used to function without it. (So dramatic Chlo. LOL) Mix a little with your moisturizer in the morning and you’re immediately glowing and bronzed. They say it works as a vitamin D and also improves fine lines and wrinkles but I don’t know if that’s super serious or not lol. I just love it for the bronzing effect. Definitely a good present to ask for for Christmas!

That’s a wrap on my skincare routine at the moment. Like I said - this has only been what’s worked for ME. I am looking to invest in other products like hyaluronic acid, toners, eye creams, etc. but for now this is what I can afford and it’s truly been working. Let me know your favorite skin care products and if you have any other questions about my journey. :) YAY SELF CARE!

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