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New Years Resolutions - Starting off on the Right Foot

Ahhhh. I love the start of every new year because it feels like the possibilities are endless. It’s a fresh start, and feels like a new you. Back at square one, but we’re going to do even better than last year. First I’m going to share a few of my resolutions with you and then share some tips on how to work towards being your best self this year.

My resolutions:

  1. Take care of myself. This seems easy but is actually pretty hard. I really want to focus on doing better and healthy things for my body. Eating better (not crazy clean, but making healthier choices), moving my body more (walks, yoga, and obviously going to the gym), staying off my phone before bed and just more in general, skin care, hair care, more sleep, waking up earlier to have the morning to myself, etc. It’s a LOT, but I think just doing more for myself and treating my body right and giving it the fuel it needs, is a great mentality this year.

  2. This one kind of goes off the first one, but eliminating as much dairy as possible. My mindset this year is to only have dairy every once in a while. I always feel crappy after eating dairy and the foods that are associated with it, I really shouldn’t be consuming all the time anyways. Once again, just making a healthier choice for my body.

  3. A very personal goal, but work on my blog and social media as much as possible. I’m consistent with a lot of things in my life, but posting on socials is one of the areas where I lack. I don’t want it to consume my entire life, but I do want to try my best to write my blogs pretty much every week and post content for y’all! :)

There’s a lot of other things I want to work on this year but I think I’m already going into this year with a very motivated and driven mindset so I’ll stick to those few for now. As long as I’m becoming the best version of myself, that’s all that matters.

So now let's move to you all and some tips moving into the new year.

  1. Check in with yourself every month! Are you truly happy? Are you on the right path that is best for YOU and the person you want to be in life? If not, change it! Change your habits, who you surround yourself with, where you live, etc. I was really unhappy towards the end of summer last year and then I booked a job working on a movie that made me realize exactly what I needed to be doing. I need to move out of Ohio and live out my dreams. Next month, I’m moving out and doing just that. I can’t wait.

  2. Are things really that bad or is it just your mindset? I oftentimes have a terrible mindset about my life. When things don’t go my way, I immediately shut down and feel like my life is over. I need to fix my mindset this year and I’m sure it may help you too! Always have a good mindset going into whatever you’re doing. If a positive mindset can change one day, it can change a whole week, month, year, and life. We can’t always win but we can always choose to look at the positives. :)

  3. Try your best to stay motivated. Do great things for your body that keep yourself in check. Go to the gym, read a motivational book (check out my Manifestation and Hard Work - Good Reads blog for ideas), listen to a podcast, follow people who inspire you, etc. Make sure you’re constantly working towards, once again, your BEST self! 2022 is your year babyYYYYY!

  4. Remember life is short. Move to that new city, call your grandma, go on that date, hang out with your friends, book that flight. The last thing you want to do is regret later in life. Start now!

This turned out to be an unbelievably cheesy blog but I’m kind of so here for it. Let’s stay motivated and be amazing together! Who’s with me? What are you doing this year to become your best self?

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