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Manifestation and Hard Work - Good Reads

Over the summer, my family did a health challenge called “75 Hard.” For this challenge, one thing we had to commit to was reading 10 pages of a book per day. (I’ll have to share more on this challenge some other time! It was great!) So I’ve never really been super into reading prior to the challenge, and if I’m being honest, I still am really not. :) But I did read two books that left me feeling inspired and thought they might do the same for you as well!

1. “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero.

The entire premise of this book is about manifesting what you want in your life and it will come to you. She gives a ton of tips and ideas of how to manifest in a way that works best for you, steps to take, and how it’s changed her life. She also shares her own stories and pretty dope things that have happened in her life. I wasn’t a big manifester nor really believed in it until I read this book. It truly changed my opinion.

I think most of us have wished for things to happen before...but Sincero stressed the importance of language. You have to approach it as you are ALREADY grateful for things that will happen to you before they actually happen, the idea that you are basically speaking them into existence. While I was in the middle of reading this book, my family and I were in Florida on vacation and the weather showed thunderstorms every single day (a pretty high chance too). On the way to our hotel, I made everyone speak into existence how grateful we were for the sunshine and bomb weather we were about to have every day that week. We all kept a positive and optimistic attitude the entire trip. And guess what? The universe responded and the weather was BEAUTIFUL the whole week. Coincidence?? Maybe, lol. I mean, I’m not thinking we can manifest over mother nature. But, I think there is a lot of truth in self talk and believing good things are coming to you. I truly think there’s something to putting good vibes into the universe and it will respond with good vibes back!

2. “Winning” by Tim S. Grover.

It’s actually sort of comical to me that I’m putting both of these books in the same blog because you can consider them opposites in a lot of ways. In “Winning,” Grover preaches that you don’t get anything you want without the consistent effort. Winning is a constant battle and you truly have to work to win every single day in your life. He isn’t about the wishing for something or manifesting it, he claims everyone does that. He is all about the nitty gritty. The “how hard are you willing to work for it.” Are you willing to sacrifice it all and then some to win? To Grover, it takes that and more to win at life.

I honestly can’t say that I learned anything brand new from this book (which sounds stupid) but it was a reminder to me that to truly win at a level most people don’t, I am going to have to work at a level that most people won’t. Grover worked with some of the greatest professional athletes in the world, and to hear the level at which they were willing to train, was just a reminder to me to keep grinding for what I want. That winning is never as glamorous as it looks on the outside. If nothing else, this book will give you an appreciation for those who have achieved a high level of success...and will probably motivate you to get your butt in gear if you want to make things happen for yourself.

One similarity both of these books had was that manifesting really only truly works if you’re taking the proper steps to get there. You can’t manifest something you aren’t putting in the work for. Some people wish for it, some people work for it. ;)

I have to say, it was the perfect reading material when we were all trying to stay motivated on our challenge. And I always think it’s important to open your mind to different opinions and tools that others have had to find success. Let me know if you have read anything that really inspired you (or honestly anything you’ve read that might inspire me to do some more reading!! ;) and then if you happen to read either of these...let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear your takeaways!!

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