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June Goal - Focus

GOAL GETTER. Catchy, right? I mean who wouldn’t want to consider themselves a goal getter?

To be honest, I feel like I have always been a goal oriented person. I have always liked having some big dream or some big goal to work on. But recently I decided I also want to start setting simple little goals for myself each month…goals that aren’t these big crazy dreams…but more like small intentions I can focus on each and every month.

Taking a concept and, for a month, really focusing on bringing more intention toward that concept. For example…gratitude, exploring, listening, learning, manifesting, etc. You get the idea. Choosing one word that best represents your goal for yourself and then using that word as a reminder for the month to do simple things each and every day to bring more intention to that goal.

(If you haven’t read this short article covering 10 Crucial Benefits of Goal Setting by Mark Pettit, I highly recommend it. It might give you some extra motivation to take on this challenge as well!)

So what is the one word I am focusing on for June??!! (I know it’s a few days into June and a bit late to set a goal now, but I was on vacation so better late than never right? :) My focus is just that…FOCUS.

Focus is something I feel like I’ve truly lost grasp of especially in the past two years. With TikTok becoming highly popular and addicting, I feel like I have acquired the SHORTEST attention span. I know a ton of kids my age can’t even sit through shows or movies anymore without getting bored. I’m not that bad, but I do find it hard to focus a lot in my life. It bothers me that I am distracted doing things that I don’t want to feel distracted doing.

So my goal this month isn’t necessarily to “unplug” but just to try to be more present in each task I take on. I’m going to try to do yoga without being distracted, trying meditation daily, (especially before bed) and just overall trying to be more present in my day-to-day life without feeling the constant need to check up on whatever is happening on my screen.

I will update you on my Instagram each week and let you know how it’s going. Each week I am going to try and take one new step that might help meet my intention for the month. This is going to be a challenging one for me but I think at the end of the month, I will really start to feel the benefits.

I highly encourage you guys to join me on setting these little monthly one word/goal challenges. Pick an intention or goal for the month and run with it! Remember, this isn’t about setting a super specific goal - but about picking general aspects of your life you want to draw more attention to.

(If you have ever taken a yoga class you know the teacher often starts class by asking you to set an intention for class. Think about doing this for life…what do you want to try to focus on each day/week of this month? Knowing you are working towards this one simple “goal” each month will help you to take simple steps towards that better you you’re working on!)

Let me know what your goals are this month! I’m excited to get this going! Let’s be GOAL GETTERS together!! #WordOftheMonth

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Love this girl. I'm going to do it too...

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