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July Goal - Balance

A new month, a new goal!! My word of the month that I’ve chosen is BALANCE. Have you picked your goal yet?

Here’s why I’m working on balance this month:

  1. July for me is about to be very chaotic. I’m starting the month off in Ohio for the 4th, flying back to Atlanta for a week or two, then flying BACK to Ohio to start tons of choreography at studios for competition season. It’s going to be wild. I want to focus on balance because I tend to get very anxious and stress myself out a lot when I have a busy schedule. I need to balance out the busy with the calm. Remember to breathe, take moments to listen to my body, treat myself, take time to myself, get the right amount of sleep, etc. and then work my ass off when need be. I KNOW this month is going to be hard on me but if I’m prepared and go into it with the mentality that I can handle it, I’m going to be able to. :)

  2. Another important aspect of balance is FOOD. Food is fuel and sometimes I forget to eat right. This month nutrition is going to be so important. (I mean it is every month LOL.) But in order to function and be my best, I need to balance the sweets with nutrients. Not necessarily go on a “diet” but find a healthy balance that works for me.

  3. Lastly, I want just general balance in my life. Making time for family and friends while also finding time for my career and passions. Working but also finding time to relax. Finding balance in all areas that make me happy! It’s so important!

What are you working towards this month with me? In order to be our best selves, we must work for it!!

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