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How I Manage To Stay True to Myself

Nowadays, especially with social media, I feel like there’s such a pressure on how to do everything. You have to look a certain way, act a certain way, have the same opinions as everyone else, be society’s “perfect” image.

Well big news - that’s not me. HAHAH. I’m actually not perfect in any way. I cry when I get a bad massage, I eat Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups in the same serving size that you’re supposed to eat vegetables in, I wear the same shirt to bed for 3 weeks in a row before washing it, I crashed into a parked car the 2nd day I had my drivers license, the list goes on… forever.

The reality of life is - nobody is actually perfect. It’s hard to really comprehend that idea when all we see on social media are these glorified images of people living their lives when in reality - we really never know what’s going on internally. (Or even externally for that matter because photoshop exists.)

Here are a few things that help me remain true to ME and maybe they’ll help guide you too:

  1. My parents raised me to always aim to be the best version of myself. If you are the best version of yourself then nothing else matters. The only way you can be the best version of yourself is working towards being it! Putting in work to be where you want to be in life by accomplishing goals is SO rewarding and will help you gain… CONFIDENCE. CONFIDENCE is literally SO important. It helps to remember that everyone was literally created so unique and differently. No matter how freaking hard you try, you’re NEVER going to be someone else. So you might as well just be confident in who you are! Own it. Deal with it. Find pride in it!

  2. Know your kind of people and never change just to fit in with someone else. This isn’t “judging” people in any way! Everyone is SO unique and different and that is literally why friend groups exist. People share friend groups with people who share the same beliefs, interests, hobbies, vibes, and goals. Sometimes you can meet a person and everything immediately clicks, sometimes it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with those who didn’t click in any way - I just may not be AS close with them as others. And that is sooooo cool with me. Even if they’re the “coolest” most amazing people that everyone admires. I never want to change who I am/what I believe in just to be someone else’s friend. I’m ME and if that isn’t good enough for you then c ya.

  3. This sort of piggybacks on my last point, but don’t waste time with people who don’t bring good energy into your life. If I constantly am around someone who is bringing me down, it’s only going to hurt me. There’s no point in surrounding yourself with people who don’t love you for who you are and want the best for you. Once again - you don’t want to change yourself for anyone else. The right people will love you no matter what.

  4. Try not to compare. This one is definitely tough for me but I always do my best. Comparison will only kill your vibes. Like I said before, you’re on your own journey and created so uniquely that there’s no point in even trying to be or look like someone else. You’re YOU and that’s pretty cool.


  6. Be your own #1 fan. This is goofy but I’m ALWAYS hyping myself up. I try my best to reassure myself and be proud of myself in my day to day life. For cleaning, for putting on a cute outfit, for feeling good in a dance class, for helping out a friend, for getting a lot of sleep. “YES! YOU DID THAT!” I try to never be hard on myself. Constructive criticism is okay if there’s a solution. If I’m watching a dance video and I can fix my hands next time I do the combo - great please fix them then Chlo lol. But there is a difference between a little bit of constructive criticism to help yourself grow and being HARD on yourself. This was something I was really struggling with internally in high school. I was SO hard on myself for everything I did and how I looked. Now when those negative thoughts creep in - I try my best to override them with a positive one or just ignore it. Most of the time it’s silly to be stressing about those things anyways. Like Chloe hun, your big massive pimple WILL go away. *rolls eyes*

  7. Practice things in your life that align with you. I love exercise. I love being kind and helping people. I love working hard, I love nature and being outside. I love chasing my dreams and am not afraid to go for what I want. I love fashion. I love adventure. I love being creative. I love being social, etc. Whatever I do in my life, I make sure to fulfill all of those aspects that make me who I am. Acknowledge them and be proud of them! Do whatever makes you happy and what makes you, YOU despite what anyone else thinks!

I could write on this topic for forever because it’s SO important to me. Life is fun when you get to be yourself and don’t care what anyone else thinks! Try it sometime :)

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