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9 Bad Habits to Cut Out Of Your Life Right Now

In life, it is easy to fall into toxic habits. But as easy as it is to fall into them, it’s also really easy to cut them out. Take a read through this list and see if you are falling into any of these habits and try to cut out one, or maybe all of them. It will only lead to a happier and healthier life. I know I really have some work to do on a lot of these!

  1. Having an attitude about things you’re going to do anyways. A girl on TikTok actually inspired me to write this blog and she made a video on this exact topic. She said “If your mom asks you to clean your room and you go ‘YAAHhhhhh’ in an annoyed tone but you’re going to do it anyways, just say ‘ya I will!’” It just makes sense to have a good attitude about things that we are going to do. Why have a bad attitude for no reason?

  2. Saying sorry for no reason. Try to avoid ALWAYS placing the blame on yourself. Subconsciously, always apologizing is making your brain think that you’re constantly in the wrong and it will lead you to be even harder on yourself then you even realize. Which leads to my next point…

  3. Being so hard on yourself/perfectionism! It’s so easy to be in this constant state of tearing ourselves down, but it’s also just as easy to constantly be our own biggest cheerleaders. Why not choose the positive one? If this means staying off of social media to avoid comparison - then do it. If this means journaling every morning for 5 minutes because that will make a difference in your day - DO IT! Start loving yourself because there is nobody else in the world like you. Embrace it!

  4. Procrastinating. Not going to lie, I was doing it before writing this blog. But honestly, I am truly pretty good at not procrastinating. In high school, any assignment that I had, I would get done as SOON as I could. The same thing goes for me now. Auditions, cleaning, whatever it is I have to do. It just feels SO good when all of that stress is lifted off of your shoulders. GET IT DONE! You’ll be so happy you did it and actually get to enjoy your whole day instead of spending it dreading the thing you could’ve done in the morning or WEEKS ago.

  5. Being a “Yes” person ALL the time. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of times in life where you may miss out on opportunities if you don’t say yes. But there are also times where you just need to put YOU first. Make sure you’re always filling up your own cup first and prioritizing your mental health. You can’t always be a people pleaser if it’s not making you happy and just leaving you feeling exhausted. Sometimes you have to make the choice to do what’s best for you and not everyone else.

  6. Not drinking enough water. This is such a simple thing to fix that is so underrated. Obviously water is needed for our SURVIVAL, so not drinking enough is doing your body a complete disservice. Did you know drinking more water helps fire up your metabolism, improves muscle tone, improves digestion, supports detoxification, rrevents fatigue, improves joint health…and so much more! Hold yourself accountable and drink your water!

  7. Making excuses. “I don’t know her well…I don’t want to go hang out.” “I just have too much to do.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m scared so I’m going to wait.” STOPPPPP! Excuses are just things we tell ourselves to feel better about not doing something. In reality, we are only stopping our own growth by not pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Stop with the excuses and make the leap!

  8. Being ungrateful. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. So appreciate everything in your life. Waking up, family, friends, experiences, food, nature, etc. There’s SO much to be grateful for. Take time to appreciate everything.

  9. Not listening to your body. This is one that I DEFINITELY need to work on. I am such a go-go-go person that I always end up hurting myself. If I’m not feeling great, taking one night off to feel better will help me feel way better in the long run. Lately it’s been, if I don’t feel good, I’ll still go to class and hurt myself and therefore be out for five days when I could’ve just healed for one. Listen to your body! It knows!

Simple changes in your day to day life can literally change an entire YEAR for you. Cut out those bad habits and turn your life around. So tell me, which one of these are you going to cut out first?

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