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5 Healthy Habits that Changed My Life

If you know me, like really know me, you know a girl like me really enjoys chowin’ down on a whole pizza by myself and loves a good, big ole bowl of ice cream. Am I the ultimate health of health queens? Clearly not in the slightest. But do I consider myself a very healthy person and always strive to be the best and happiest version of myself? Absolutely.

If I can help you become even the slightest bit healthier and happier, I’m all for it. That being said, here are 5 healthy habits that I believe worked for me to help to change my life and maybe they will help you too:

  1. 10 Minutes. I’m going to share a tip with you. (I saw this on TikTok and I just spent a long time trying to find the video to give her credit but I couldn’t find it. So this is not my original idea but I have to share because it’s worked for me multiple times.) The girl said all she does is commit to 10 minutes of exercise every day. The days she can’t wait to workout and the days she has dreaded it to its fullest potential. After those 10 minutes, if she still isn’t in the mood to workout or wants to go home, she’ll stop. Because at least she got up and tried to make it happen. But she said out of every single day she committed to those 10 minutes, she ALWAYS finished her workouts. So give it a try! Only 10 baby.

  2. Balance. I’m not asking you to count how many mg of sodium are in every single meal, but I’m talking a little sacrifice for a little enjoyment. For me, I LOVE a late night dessert. Post dinner, I’m always grabbing something sweet to munch on. So what do I do about that? Balance! I know I’m probably going to grab a nice sweet bowl of ice cream tonight so today I’m going to eat right. I’m going to fuel my body with healthy and nutritious foods and probably neglect that milkshake in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru at 1 pm. Diets will never work if you restrict yourself from everything. Just balance out what works best for you and make some smarter choices!

  3. Podcasts. I was never really a fan of podcasts but I did a health challenge with my family and it forced me to listen to one every single day. Here’s what I learned - listening to people who make shit happen for themselves makes you want to do the same. Find podcasts of people who inspire you or podcasts within your field of interest. If you wake up and even just turn one on while you’re getting ready, you could start your morning off by possibly learning something new or inspiring you in how you go about your day. Worth a shot!

  4. Getting Outside. Every time I don’t feel good or am sad, my mom will always say, “Why don’t you go outside and float in the pool for a little? You’ll feel better.” Preach mom. Always. Going for a quick walk in the fresh air can literally turn your day around. Putting on some good music (or a podcast :)) while walking or laying in the sun completely boosts your mood and then will affect the productivity of the rest of your day. Trust me on that one.

  5. Affirmations. With social media nowadays, the comparison factor is REAL. I fall victim to it, along with mostly everyone else my age. Sometimes you have to just put down your phone, put on a cute outfit, and remind yourself that you’re the best there is. Find affirmations that relate to who you are and want to be. Everyone loves and wants to be someone who is confident and proud of who they are. You just have to believe it yourself first. :)

You may take away everything or nothing from this, but no matter what you do in your life, just put your best foot forward in striving to be the healthiest, happiest version of YOU! Because that’s the best version in my opinion! :)

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