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TOP PICKS: Items That Make Traveling Easier and More Enjoyable

As a girl who has traveled a lot in her life, I feel like I have finally figured out my travel necessities. Here’s the things that I think make traveling SO much easier!

This is my number one saving grace for flying!! When I’m on a red-eye flight or those super early morning flights and I just want to get some sleep this little pillow does the trick. It’s also shines when you are crammed in the middle seat and have no option to lean up against the window. It’s basically a giant blow up pillow (with a hole for your face almost like a massage chair) that has holes your arms can stick through so it holds your whole upper body up (so much better then leaning over on the mini tray table!) The holes for the arms is a feature you wouldn’t think much about but, trust me, it makes your body so much more comfortable! And the fact that it blows up and deflates makes it so much better for travel then those big pillows people strap to their bags. You’re going to have to trust me on this one. I know it looks goofy, but this one is a WINNER.

I’ve had this bag for YEARS and it still is in amazing condition. The reason I love this bag for travel is because it has so many compartments. Places to hold shoes, computers, hoodies, chargers, headphones, and anything else you may need. It’s GINORMOUS. It’s honestly the size and construction of the pockets that make this bag unique to other bags. The other reason I really love it for travel is because it has an opening along the back where you can slide it right onto your suitcase handle and not have to carry it on your back. Whenever I’m walking around the airport with my carry on, I just slide it right on and it makes my life so much easier.

For my ladiesss!! If you’re constantly packing up your makeup and hate digging through your case to find what you need: this one’s for you! This makeup case lays flat on the counter so you can see everything you brought without having to dig through it or unpack it all. This has been my saving grace since being in North Carolina!

It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chargeable phone case (because I got a new phone), but I used to own one from Luxy Lemon, and let me tell you, this changed my travel game! (It’s on my Christmas this year!) You never have to worry about finding an outlet or not wasting your phone battery since you always have backup. Want to watch that show on your flight? Watch that show and charge your phone so it’s ready to catch your Uber later. :)

If you know me, you know this water bottle. I use this in everyday life but I’ve also found it so useful for traveling. Buying water at the airport is always at least $4 and I’ve saved so much money bringing my own water bottle. There’s typically always a water fill station (you just have to find it) or even the water fountain and you save so much money by using your own bottle. Less waste too :)

Other practical things that make traveling so much easier: TSA precheck (don’t know how I ever traveled before having it), apple wallet/apple pay, bringing an extra hoodie/layering in case it’s chilly/hot on the flight, comfy shoes, headphones, downloading shows beforehand, hand sanitizer for snacking on the plane, makeup wipes for late nights, bringing an aux cord if you’re renting a car and have to drive over 6 hours in Colorado (learned my lesson on that one :)), etc.

What are your favorite travel items that make it easier for you? Share with me in the comments below!!

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18 nov 2021

TSA precheck worth EVERY penny! Wouldn’t travel without it!!!!

Me gusta
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