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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Ever since I was 13 years old, I’ve had my mind set on moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. No matter what anyone said, that was the one dream and I have been determined to make it happen.

Then Covid hit. I lost out on the second half of my senior graduation...but the hope of still moving to Cali ingrained in my brain. The light at the end of the tunnel. Something to look forward to.

Well guess what? Fast forward another year and a half… anddd… I’M STILL STUCK PEOPLE! (And quite honestly going insane.) So how do you bounce back from that? How do you literally go insane but still have the motivation to move on with your life and keep your head in it so you can still accomplish your goals? Let’s talk about it.

First, let’s just start with - I honestly don’t know. I’ve quite literally been through all of the ups and downs in just this past year and a half so I definitely haven’t yet “figured it out”. But I’ll share some stuff that’s helped me stay motivated and maybe it can help you too!

1. To-do list. In the morning, I like to make a to-do list of everything I’m going to accomplish during the day. Give yourself the satisfaction of crossing things off with the ole pen and paper. Even if you just write: Make my bed, take my dog on a walk, do laundry. There you have three things that you can accomplish and can cross off your list. Believe it or not, it has helped me sooo much. Leaves me feeling satisfied, proud of myself, and actually motivates me to get stuff done.

2. Exercise. I know there’s a lot of people reading this that won’t want to hear this one but just trust me! It doesn’t have to be a gruesome workout but just something that benefits your body and feels good. Get outside! Go for a walk! Swim with your friends! There’s never a day where I go to the gym or exercise outside and am mad that I did. (And maybe even write it down on your to-do list so you can cross it off :))

3. Make time to do things you enjoy every day. As silly as it is for me, I LOVE painting my nails, braiding my hair, doing skincare, lighting a candle, or even cleaning my room. It gives me the feeling of having my life put together. I also love going to watch the sunset! Find something that you can look forward to doing in your day that can maybe give you a happy break from work!

4. Indulge in different hobbies/do things that scare you. In this past year alone, I’ve gotten group fitness certified, have signed up at 2 different acting studios (in person for the first time!), started taking singing lessons, picked up the guitar for a moment in time and learned a few songs, sold my clothes online, started a new job, created my own blog page and website, I mean the list goes on. These things are the reasons I haven’t gone insane. Trying something new means a little bit of butterflies, but it can lead to new friends, new experiences, and new passions!

5. Having a positive attitude. This is a tough one for me! As soon as one bad thing happens I act like the world is crashing down. But it's not. You’re a badass and you got this! Trust that good things will come your way. MANIFEST IT BABY!

6. Make friends with people in the same situation as you. I’ve made a few new friends in this past year and it has made the WORLD of a difference to talk to people. You always feel like you’re alone but trust me, there are so many people out there going through the exact same thing. (Actually if you’re struggling with Covid related things - THE ENTIRE WORLD IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING LOL) But reach out and believe me, people loveeee to chat and make new friends. (Especially me!)

7. Never give up. A cliche, but it’s true. If your mind has been set on something: starting your own business, signing with an agency, getting out of debt, or whatever it is, DON’T EVER GIVE UP! If I’m not giving up, you can’t either. HA got ya! But seriously… you got this.

Now am I saying my life is figured out? Hell no. I sobbed my eyes out to my mom about two days ago complaining how my life was over. But it wasn’t. I stopped crying and probably ate ice cream 10 minutes later. So let’s just keep working towards our dreams and remember that everything happens for a reason. As Ross would say… LET'S

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