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How did you meet Chloe?

Chloe and I went to the same high school but we both have to give her older sister’s boyfriend the credit for introducing us. Jaret told me during my sophomore year of high school that I would date Chloe. At the time she had a boyfriend and I also thought I had no shot with a girl like her. Either way - time goes on and we eventually hung out, go to homecoming together, and have been together for over four years now. Thanks, Jaret!

What were your first impressions of Chloe?

The first time I had gone over to Chloe’s house was probably the most awkward evening I’ve ever had. Not for any other real reason than the fact that I’m an awkward dude but needless to say I didn’t think we were going anywhere (it is important to note that I was the first one to initiate hanging out because Chloe will take it to her grave that she shot her shot first). Anyways - Chloe ended up asking to hang out a couple of months down the road. My first impressions were obviously that she was insanely beautiful, she has a smile that lit up the room, and has extremely contagious energy.

What was one of your first favorite memories with her?

One of my first memories with Chloe was going to Scene 75 with her and a couple of friends after we were unable to see a movie because we were not 18 and it was rated R. Nothing spectacular happened on this night other than buying about a pound of candy with the tickets that we won at Scene 75.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re together?

My favorite thing to do with Chloe is travel together. Obviously, that doesn’t happen all the time but something else that we both enjoy is getting ice cream and watching a nice sunset - we do this all the time during the summer.

What’s the thing about Chloe that annoys you the most? (Be honest :))

The most annoying thing that Chloe does is complain about headaches, cramps, etc. and NEVER takes something like Advil or Aleve. (ps. I will have much more empathy for you if you still complain after you take something)

What do you love the most about her?

I love how energetic and driven Chloe is. Her energy and drive bring both entertainment to anyone she is around AND motivation to me in my personal life.

If you could go back in time and change anything about your relationship would you? If so, what would you change?

I struggle to answer this as I do not want to sound corny but I realistically wouldn’t change anything about our relationship. I would want to say that I would want to not have to do long-distance for the last three years but that truly made our relationship so much better. It instilled so much trust in the both of us and I would not want to trade that.

What’s your favorite memory of all time together?

My favorite memory together was when Chloe got us both flights to California for our anniversary. It was obviously an awesome surprise and we were able to see and do so much in Los Angeles. Everything about that trip was amazing.

What’s your ideal date together?

My ideal date together would be a nice hike with a scenic view, followed by some light food (maybe sushi), and end the day off with some ice cream and watch the sunset (refer back to question 4). I think those three are things that we equally love the most.

Do you feel like you two are similar or different? Personality, lifestyle, etc.

I think that we are different in a lot of ways. For one I’m an accounting major (probably the most boring major in the world) while Chloe never thought about college and is currently pursuing her dreams of becoming an actor. Chloe is also very outgoing while I am quite shy unless I’m really comfortable with someone. We are very similar in the sense that we enjoy the outdoors, have similar sense of humors, and cherish the same things in life.

What makes your relationship so awesome? How has it lasted so long?

I think that our relationship is awesome because we can enjoy doing just about anything together. In high school (when we both had ample amounts of free time) we would hang out LITERALLY all day at her house during the summer. We both love exploring new places, doing puzzles, watching movies/shows, napping, trraveling etc. but they are all better when we are doing those things together.

I also believe that our relationship has lasted so long because we are both good at communicating, we hardly ever argue, we motivate each other, and on top of that I think long distance allowed both of us to grow and encouraged our relationship to grow along with us.


If you could be/do anything in the world, what would you be/do?

If I could do anything in the world it would be to start a nonprofit that helps people and families with cancer. My brother had cancer (and beat it multiple times) before he passed away in 2019. The six year period that this occurred over was tremendously difficult, but would have been even worse if we didn’t have overwhelming support from our family, community, and were lucky enough to have great insurance that would allow us to afford all of his extensive treatment. Most families and people are not that lucky so I want to give back that treatment to people who are not as fortunate as we were.

Tell us about school, your internships, what you want to do after school.

I go to school at Miami University. Not the one in Florida. The one in the middle of nowhere southwest Ohio. That may come off with a negative connotation but I’m genuinely super happy with my decision to go to Miami. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from some really outstanding professors and have made (or paid for) some very great friends. I say paid for because I joined a fraternity during my freshman year on campus but I really cherish the guys in my fraternity and all of the other friends that I’ve met along the way.

Last summer I worked at an accounting firm where I didn’t love what I was doing so I decided to move to a different this summer where I’ll be helping buyers and sellers through mergers/acquisitions. I really think that I will enjoy this work, but as I stated before I would love to start my own nonprofit or work in the operations of a nonprofit in which I believe in what they stand for.

If you had to live in a different state, where would it be?

If money were a non-factor I would love to live in Los Angeles. When Chloe and I stayed in LA for the week I really fell in love. Much more recently, I visited Chloe in Charlotte while she was working there and could definitely see myself living there. Super cool city, warmer than Ohio, a drive from the beach - what’s not to love.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’m super into golf so that’s definitely my number one. Outside of that I like being outdoors and working out.

If you could travel anywhere and money wasn’t an issue, where would you go?

I really want to see all of Europe so if money truly was no issue I would spend at least a year exploring all of Europe.

Favorite show?

Entourage. Easily the best sitcom I’ve ever watched.

Are you more of a morning/night person?

I cherish my sleep but there’s nothing better than being productive before most people have woken up. I can’t flex like I’m up at 5am every day but I definitely prefer mornings.

If you have kids one day, what’s the most important lesson you want them to learn from you?

I think that the most important lesson I’d want my children to learn from me is how to cherish life. That was the biggest thing that I learned from my brother having and eventually dying from cancer. He taught me that you can’t take anything for granted. I want my kids to do what makes them happy and never get worked up over the small things.

You can have lunch with 3 celebrities. Who ya pickin?

Tiger Woods, Adam Sandler, Matthew McConaughey

Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the smartest?

Probably funniest. Everyone loves a good laugh.


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Jun 16, 2022

Love this!! You two are both so special as is what you have found together. 💗

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