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Mother's Day Gift Guide

For all of my friends struggling on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, I got you covered! Here are 25 simple gift ideas that will make your mom’s day!

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1. Stanley Cup

2. T3 Curling Iron

3. New Balance Shoes

4. Mugs

5. Scalp Massage Brush

6. Vitamix

7. Makeup Bag

8. Slippers

9. Recreate Old Baby Photos

10. Perfume

11. Silk Pillowcases

12. Towel Warmer

13. Initial ring

14. Blue-light Glasses

15. New Purse/Wallet

16. Bath/Skin Care

17. Candle

18. Flowers (I included an option in case you don't live near your mom! You can ship flowers right to her door!)

19. Summer Bag

20. Spa/Nails/Massage Gift Card

21. Kitchen Tools (air fryer, new pans, etc)

22. Neck Massager

23. Sunglasses

24. Car Detailing

25. Nespresso

Spoil your mom this year! She deserves it! What has been your mom’s favorite Mother’s Day gift from you?

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