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Best Underrated Netflix Shows IMO

So because it’s winter, I know we’re all bingeing Netflix shows most nights. Whenever I’m on Netflix, it always takes me so freaking long to scroll through and find something that looks interesting to me, so I figured I’d list some shows/movies that I’ve stumbled upon lately/in the past that I feel are worth the watch. Of course we all love the New Girl, YOU, Safe Haven, Dead to Me, OBX, Life As We Know It, Ozark, Schitts Creek, etc. shows and movies, but I wanted to pick out some that aren’t the obvious choices.

1. Stay Close

This show got added to Netflix pretty recently and is SO good. It’s a murder mystery type show (hate to categorize it like that because it’s so much more in depth) about a woman who is in danger from her past and has to protect her family and her secret. What is so good about it is it takes awhile for them to introduce the story and it has a lot of puzzle pieces that you’re waiting to connect so you get so involved with the storyline right away. Many plot twists and cliffhangers. It’s only one season and I highly recommend it.

2. Imposters

This show is a few years old now at this point but is always my go-to suggestion when people are looking for a new show to watch on Netflix. When this show came out, my family was watching the episodes as they came out weekly on cable. We’d have full watch parties. :) You know how some shows just drag out one story line and the episodes drag, well this show is just the opposite. As you watch you think that they put so much in an episode there’s nowhere left to go and then BOOM…it ends with some twist that makes you on the edge of your seat for the next episode. The lead actress is incredible in her role, as is the whole cast. It is not necessarily a light show but there are a ton of funny moments thrown into it which makes it THAT much more entertaining. SO unbelievably underrated and my family was so sad that it didn’t continue into a third season.

3. Elite

I guess I didn’t really put too many shows that were comedies in here. LOL. This is a show for my age demographic. Older adults would not like it and the youngins - it’s definitely too graphic for them. HAHAHA. To preface - it does have English dubs because the show is in Spanish. The dubs do get better after season one and you get used to it. But anyways, this show is a high school drama show where there is always something going down at the school. Along with the murder/missing person/whatever else they choose for the season introduction, there is a lot of drama and relationships going on between all of the characters. Lots of graphics and nudity so it’s definitely not for the youth but it is sooooo interesting and you get invested quickly.

4. I Care A Lot

This movie is pretty underrated in my opinion. The lead, Rosamund Pike, is absolutely phenomenal in it. She becomes a court-appointed legal guardian for older clients, takes control of all of their funds/belongings (sells them or does whatever she pleases with them) and then uses the money for herself. Of course as expected, one client takes her off course. You’ll have to watch it to find out!

5. Fools Gold

Who doesn’t love a young Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson love story? This movie is cute and fun from 2008. Matthew and Kate are in the middle of a divorce (separated at the time) and Matthew is in search of some gold. He ends up on this yacht to search in which Kate, unknowingly, is an employee for the boat’s owner. It is sort of intense and dramatic along with some peak flirtiness and comedy. It’s sort of cheesy dramatic but because it’s from 2008 I feel like it just works? I don’t know. This explanation made no sense HAHA! Worth the watch though.

6. Cheer

Sort of a basic show but also just really neat to watch. Being a dancer/athlete myself, it’s really cool to see the dedication and commitment these cheerleaders put into the sport. Once again, something to throw on but you get hooked very easily.

7. Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor

Bly Manor is a spin off of Hill House, but both shows are so good. If you’re into spooky/eerie shows, this is definitely for you. Like all other horror movies, a family moves into this haunted house and the story rolls from there LOL. It isn’t just a show with pop outs though. There is a whole plot line and you get to know all of the characters very well. This show’s cinematography is amazing and they always transition from flash forwards to flash backs so seamlessly.

8. Emily in Paris

IS MY NEXT WATCH! I’ve heard so many great things about this show. I love a good light hearted, feel good show so this is definitely on my radar. I watched the first episode so far and I'm already in love. Who doesn’t want to live the Paris lifestyle? Ugh I can’t wait!

Hopefully this gives you some new options the next time you’re on Netflix and don’t know what to throw on next. PLEASE let me know your underrated Netflix shows/movies below because I’m always looking for the next up and coming thing to keep me hooked. :)

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