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Fun Date/Bestie Night Out Idea

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

What to do when you can't decide what to do

My boyfriend Noah and I are always looking for fun date nights to go on. We usually are so indecisive and it takes us, no joke, at least 10 minutes to pick somewhere. Unless I’m REALLY in the mood for something, it’s always just a hassle.

One day my mom and I were coming up with video ideas for this app I work for (more on that later) and we came up with this Dinner by Word of Mouth concept. Noah and I did it on a Friday night a few months ago and we had so much fun that I have to share!

Dinner by Word of Mouth

Basically the entire idea is you go up to random people (you can find them anywhere) and ask their suggestions of their favorite stop (for a category below) and what they order. Then, whatever they tell you, you HAVE to drive there and order it!

Here are the 4 categories:

  1. Drink

  2. Appetizer

  3. Main Course

  4. Dessert

So you would ask a different person for every category. Making 4 different stops throughout the night. But the main rule is: you HAVE to go there and order exactly what they tell you. (Unless you’re allergic and would be rushed to the emergency room. Fine. Then I guess you can get out of it.)

It really is such a fun concept because you end up getting so many different suggestions and end up meeting/talking to different people. Noah and I literally ended up at Applebee’s for one of the categories. LOL. Wouldn’t ever be my first choice of a restaurant but the food actually ended up surprising me (although I also ended up with a god awful stomach ache afterwards) but it’s not somewhere I would’ve typically gone and it made the night interesting. We definitely had a few laughs!

In the end, you may go to a new place and end up trying something that you never would’ve before. It’ll be a great conversation piece for your next few days and maybe you’ll discover your new favorite restaurant or meal.

Comment below the suggestions you got and what you ended up having to try! I definitely want to know! :)

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