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At-Home Gel Nails

Don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved doing my nails but I get sick of them chipping after three days and, honestly, I just can’t afford getting my nails professionally done every two weeks.

So I’m here to share the secret that really changed my nail game and doesn’t break my bank account.

Here’s the list (three of which you probably have at home already):

  1. Nail clippers

  2. Nail file

  3. Beetles gel polish kit - $28

  4. UV light - $18

  5. Nail polish remover/acetone (if you have on old gel/polish)

  6. Optional: Cuticle oil

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial of what I do. (I am no professional and don’t even use oil on my nails or anything so please don’t come for me. LOL. Tips would be appreciated though :))

For starters, I start by removing any old polish/gel. If you have on old gel, you have to soak it in acetone for around 15 mins. I would suggest trying to file off the top coat as well. This should make the gel easier to peel off.

After that, I trim my nails and shape them how I want with a file. (I am very lucky that I have very strong and good natural nails so that’s what I paint on. I unfortunately don’t have an acrylic tutorial. Using gel has helped my nails grow though because it adds additional strength!) I push down my cuticles and trim any excess off that I can making sure my nail beds are clean and ready.

From there, the Beetle’s kit comes with instructions and I just follow those! You paint on the base coat, cure it under the light for 60-90s, and repeat for the color coat and top coat. The kit says to only do one coat of color gel but I usually do two. Once you cure the top coat you’re done! And you don’t have to wait for them to dry, which is super nice too.

A quick tip I would suggest (I messed this up the very first time I painted with gel): make sure you clean up any excess polish around your nail before putting it under the light. The polish hardens like a rock and it is so hard to get off your skin/the edges once it’s cured.

And I have also heard that if your gel polish is chunky you can warm it a little under hot water to get rid of any clumps! (But I did not have that issue with the Beetle’s polish!)

Hopefully this was helpful and could really save you a lot of money in the long run. Have you ever tried doing gels at home?? What are your nail tips and tricks? Any gel brands you love??

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