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8 Fun Solo Date Ideas

As I’ve shared plenty of times, I have spent so much time by myself since moving. My roommate and I have been on different schedules and I’ve been meeting people but still only do something social about once or twice a week. So I’ve been trying to find ways to fill up my time and I wanted to share some things I’ve enjoyed doing. I think spending time with yourself can teach you so much and I’ve grown to really love it since being here.

I’ve done almost everything on this list so far, but there are definitely some things I still want to do!

1. Coffee shops. Even if you don’t have anything to work on, you can always head to a coffee shop to read a book, bring your computer and watch a show, listen to music, or just people watch. There’s something about the morning and the smell of coffee and pastries that puts me in a good mood.

2. Walks/Workouts/Biking/Yoga/Anything Active. This one is a given, but one of my FAVV things to do when I’m alone. I love finding time to get outside to walk and enjoy the weather. It could even be for 20 minutes. Doing something good for your body can always be done alone and should just always be done in general. :)

3. Picnics. If you feel awkward sitting at a restaurant alone, get your food to go and have a picnic by yourself! You can listen to music, lay in the sun, and eat the day away. (Or read too!) No awkwardness here.

4. Shopping/Thrifting. Talk about a little treat yourself moment! Shopping is sometimes the most fun when you’re alone. You don’t feel pressured out of stores, you can take your time trying stuff on, and you can buy whatever you think looks good on YOU vs what your friend thinks. 10/10

5. Going to the movies. This one may not typically be seen as something to do alone, but trust me, not one time at the movies did I see someone and go “omg how weird they’re by themselves” HAHAHA. I don’t know, maybe you guys judge, but I’ve never once noticed someone alone at the movies and thought it was weird.

6. Take a class you’ve never tried. Whether it’s a painting class, dance class, pilates class, pottery, cooking, or whatever it may be. Try something new! Going by yourself is scary sometimes but it’s also the easiest way to meet people! It forces you out of your comfort zone in the best way.

7. Not really a “going out” date, but do a puzzle! I LOVE puzzles and think they are one of the most fun ways to spend your time. Maybe only get a 500 piece if you’re by yourself instead of a 1,000. You still want to enjoy yourself alone. :) HAHA

8. Do the touristy things in your own city. Go to the museum, take a picture at the stupid letters, go watch the sunset where everyone does. Sometimes the most touristy stops are actually super fun! I have of course been doing the tourist stops since moving here because I don’t know any better and I have definitely been having a lot of fun!

There are endless ways to spend time alone while not feeling awkward. You just have to make the most out of the situation. What are your favorite things to do alone?

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