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3 Must Haves for A Long Dance Day

Growing up dancing my whole life, I feel like I have had enough long (and I mean long) days to have figured out my day's necessities by now. Here’s three things that help get me through the crankiness (sometimes :)), exhaustion, and pains.

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1. Yeti Jug

This thing is a monstrosity when you have to pack it (it takes up 25% of my suitcase ;) but it’s so clutch to have! Usually if I’m doing choreography at a studio, it’ll last me the whole day (and I drink a lot of water!!) It also keeps the water cool the entire day which is a plus! And it’s super heavy when full so build those muscles boo!

2. Verb Energy Bar

My family and I have been eating these for over a year now, and they work wonders to give me a midday refresh. One bar is only 90 calories and equals the caffeine of a single shot of espresso. The flavors are so yummy! My personal favorites are Cookie Butter and Double Chocolate. If you are caffeine sensitive, these are your calling!

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3. Biofreeze

If I’m dancing for a long weekend at a convention, you won’t catch me without some Biofreeze. Especially for long dance days, applying this about midday helps relax my muscles and get me through it!

And here’s a little bonus for all those choreographers out there who have long days on their feet - these CLOUD SLIDES! Y’all… I’ve had 9 hour teaching days and once hour five rolls around, your feet will start to ache, even if you’re in tennis shoes. These slides have been my ultimate game changer. Super comfy and have a lot of cute colors. Why teach in pain when you can teach in comfort, am I right?

Hopefully this gave you some ideas to try during your dance/teaching day! What are your dance day necessities?

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