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15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I feel like I’m pretty open about my life on social media. The good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s fun to learn the quirky things that make people who they are. In the spirit of that, I figured I’d share some random facts about me. I’ll be curious if any of you relate to any of these things…and if you do, you’ll have to let me know! I’ll be happy to know I’m not the only crazy person out there! ;)

1. Seafood scares me. I just don’t really know if I’ll ever get around to trying it. I’ve tried salmon, shrimp, and some crab in my sushi. The raw stuff on sushi freaks me out and I wouldn’t ever try that. I always only get veggie sushi and occasionally sushi with crab in it.

2. I botched my audition to get into Docherty Talent Agency. This is a funny one. I had a virtual callback with Docherty and I had literally only four sentences to memorize. When I got to the callback on zoom, I blanked out and completely forgot the last two sentences. I got off the zoom call and cried all night and thought I’d never be an actor. Two days later they emailed me saying I was now signed with them. CRAZY RIGHT?! Anything can happen I guess LOL.

Here are the photos from the moment after:

3. I sweat when I get nervous. This one really sucks because if I’m talking to someone, all I think about is how they’re noticing my sweat and then start sweating even more. It usually takes a while for me to calm down.

4. I have a terribly hard time falling asleep every night. I originally thought it was all because of moving stress, but honestly, it has always taken me a long time to fall asleep. I need to try meditation before bed but I have yet to get around to it. I really need to start. :/

5. I didn’t like high school. I feel like you all got the vibes of this when I was in high school, but I just felt like the whole experience never really clicked for me. I felt like I was never super close to anyone and literally counted down the days until I was out. I just wanted to move on and dance and do my own thing. We’re finally here now. :) And I still don’t miss high school for a second LOL.

6. I used to write plays with my sisters/cousins all the time. Every Christmas, we used to put on entire extravagant plays for our whole family. We’d write music, type out the script, and perform it. Aside from Christmas, we also used to just make up plays for fun and sometimes even filmed them. My parents built us a “stage” in our basement and we used to torture all our parent's friends by making them watch our shows all the time.

7. I go back and forth between playing the guitar/not playing the guitar because I really like having my nails done. This one is just so pathetic but it’s true. I love having my nails long and you can’t have them long and play guitar. *frown/shame emoji*

8. I have to eat dessert every night after dinner. This was always a family staple of mine. The Mihaceviches really love their ice cream. I always make sure I have a dessert at night before bed.

9. I don’t read unless I’m at the beach. When I’m at the beach, I can read a book in two days.

10. I’m obsessed with nature and being outside. If I don’t get outside during a warm day, I feel guilty. My family always used to push this on me.​ If I was ever in a bad mood, my mom would be like “get outside, you’ll feel better” and I always did. You should try it!

11. I’m a sucker for Good Luck Charlie and childhood shows. I actually never really watch a new show when I’m by myself because when I’m by myself, I want something “feel good” that I don’t have to commit to watching. I only watch new shows with other people.

12. I think it would be so fun to own my own business. I’ve always thought it would be dope to own my own boutique.

13. I love adventures and thrills. I really want to go skydiving one day. I also love just going places I’ve never been. I think that’s the coolest part about life.

14. I have a weird obsession with always wanting to change my hair color. I went brunette for a while sophomore year, dyed my hair purple during Covid (and got invited to audition for SYTYCD the day after I dyed it HA HA) I really want to go red at some point. Like a deeper strawberry blonde. I think that would be so fun but the issue is I have paid a lot of money for my headshots and in those I’m blonde. I feel like I need headshots in lots of different colors of hair so I can change it when I feel like it. :)

15. I despise traveling, which is so funny because I feel like I’m always going somewhere. It’s not the destination part of traveling, it's just the traveling verb itself. I hate the airport and flying. Planes and flying don’t give me anxiety, but I just always just feel so dirty and greasy when traveling. I hate jet lag and when your flight gets delayed. The whole bit. But I do loveeee being in new places and experiences heheh.

So would you have guessed any of those things about me? Can you relate to any of these or I am the only one??!!! (If I had to guess, I’m thinking everyone likes a little something sweet after dinner…RIGHT?!) Let me know which you can relate to…or better yet, let me know what your funniest fact is! I’d love to hear. ;)

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May 06, 2022

love that first picture. ha ha ha....

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