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1 Year Blogging Anniversary - What It's Taught Me

Hard to believe this…but I started my website and my blog one year ago TODAY! What a year!

It’s crazy to think about where I was in life when I first started blogging to where I am now. Honestly, I truly truly started blogging because I needed an outlet. I was in a rough headspace and wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully find joy in it - which obviously I did (or I wouldn’t still be writing LOL). ONE YEAR later and I’ve gotten to write about my experience/feelings moving across the country alone, some jobs I’ve booked since moving, my favorite products, recipes that keep me going, goal setting, and SO much more. I feel like y’all know so much about me through these blogs and I’m so grateful. I love being able to connect to y’all in a totally different way that doesn’t revolve around social media likes or being perfect. It’s just me. :)

Some things I’ve learned through blogging:

1. My life is chaotic (but in the best way). When I was starting this blog I was talking to my mom about what I would even write about. What are people going to want to read about? Usually people on social media or on blogs have a specific “niche” or something they stick to when posting. Whether that’s fashion, food, exercise, dance, etc. But I didn’t want to just write about one topic a million different ways because I love more than just one thing. I love living a healthy lifestyle, I love dance and choreography, I love nature, I love fashion and shopping, I love SO MUCH. So when I started this blog I sort of just wanted to write about every aspect of my life. Although I feel like I’m constantly in a million different places in my life and mind, I’m so happy I get to share ALL of it with you. Even the hard times. :)

2. I HATED writing papers in high school but blogging feels totally different than that. Turns out, when I’m actually writing about things in my life that I care about, I do enjoy it. SHOCKER! LOL. Maybe they should’ve given us topics in school that we actually cared about because maybe kids would’ve actually wanted to go into journalism and writing!! This is my very incorrectly grammared version of that. :)

3. Blogging has given me a lot of structure in my life. Since I don’t have a super concrete day-to-day job in Atlanta, it’s given me something to get accomplished during the week outside of classes and dance training. Sometimes it’s a LOT to only be centered around dance and if you don’t have anything else going on, it can lead to burn out. Being able to go to the coffee shop during the week and write about anything in my life has been such a fun and exciting creative outlet for me. It forces me to write and express myself outside of a classroom. I’ve really enjoyed writing for y’all every single week.

4. I’ve loved getting to share my entire journey. A lot of the time on social media, people aren’t super transparent when it comes to the highs/lows in their life. This isn’t at all a bad thing because I’m sure a lot of people don’t want their whole entire life being exposed to random people they don’t know. I’m not like that and I really don’t care that y’all see every side of me. :) I love getting to share EVERYTHING with you guys. If you’re considering moving across the country or if you want to pursue a career in dance, you deserve to know EXACTLY how it goes. How hard it can be at times and how exciting it is as well. I’m grateful that I can be so open to all of you and gain so much support and encouragement along the way. If you’ve been reading thus far - THANK YOU!

5. You can stick to anything if you’re passionate about it. Has this blog become “viral”? No. Am I making money off of it? No. Do I love and enjoy it and hope that if even one person can take something away from it that means I’m doing something right? YES!! Stick to things you’re passionate about no matter the results! When I first started writing, I didn’t really know if it would go anywhere or if I’d enjoy it. Having just one or two people come up to me and say they’ve read a post is SO much more than enough for me. I love doing this to share my story and I’m sticking to it because I love it. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t let anyone tell you differently!!

Topics I’m manifesting for the next year and can’t wait to write about ;): My Summer trip to Europe, My First Acting Job, 5 Years with My Boyfriend, I Cleaned Up My Gut Through Food Allergy Testing and Fueling My Body, Recapping 2022 (My Favorite Year Yet), What it Was Like as Skeleton Crew on Something Here Film, My First Commercial Experience.

I can’t wait to see where this next year takes us together. I can’t wait to share more stories, more experiences, and more Amazon finds! (LOL This is a joke but also not because so many people have said something to me about my damn Amazon finds HAHAHA). If you have any posts/topics you want to see in this upcoming year comment below. Thanks again for being here friends! Here’s to our best year yet!!!

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Jun 20, 2023

Don’t know you but I’m proud of you. I just started taking my dance journey not too long ago but it’s refreshing to see something being very authentic about their journey and I wish you the best, more paid gigs, more amazing topics to write about, and major success. I’ll see you soon! 🫶🏾 -Carria Sadé


Aug 31, 2022

Proud of you kid.

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