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Travel Guide: Atlanta

It’s very rare that I’m ever in a city and fully get to explore it without the entire trip being overridden by dance. I went to Atlanta a few weeks ago with my friend Paige and I actually had time to explore and discover. Before the trip, I reached out to a ton of different people for suggestions of things to do. (They all killed it by the way.) I fell in LOVE with the city when I was there and went on the best adventures. If you happen to go, here’s a few places I went and would highly suggest because I believe it was the perfect trip.


1. Stone Mountain is a MUST. It may have been the highlight of my trip. It’s $20 for a day pass (per car) or $40 for an annual. It’s entirely worth the money. They have a ton of different trails but the one we hiked was up to the top of the mountain. Gorgeous view, good workout (it was about 2 miles long but took about an hour and a half), and perfect photo-op.

2. Piedmont Park was definitely up there on my list. Walking through it reminded me so much of Central Park. It felt very peaceful and safe. There’s a lake to walk around, a little pop-up smoothie bar in the middle, and plenty of space for walks. So much fun and I’m sure in the fall it’s even more incredible with the leaves changing colors.

Atlanta Staples:

1. Ponce City Market was so much fun. There’s an entire outdoor section where a bunch of local vendors have booths set up. The clothing/products are so impressive and great quality. When you head inside, there’s so many individual boutiques, bakeries, and restaurants to pop into. You could spend a long time walking around, taste testing, shopping, and trying a bunch of new things. You have to go to the rooftop but read more about that under the RESTAURANTS section below.

2. The Beltline is super fun to walk. EVERYONE is always out and about riding scooters/bikes, playing music, on a walk, etc. My favorite part about the beltline is the people walking along carrying drinks in their hand. LOL. Restaurants, parks, and art line the belt and it’s so lively and fun.


1. 9 Mile Station is on the roof of Ponce City Market. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’d highly recommend going for dinner so that you’re on the roof when the sun sets. You have to pay $25 in advance for your reservation but it ends up going towards your bill. The food was so yummy and the views were 100% worth the money. They also have an entire carnival vibe on the roof that you gain access to as well. Mini golf, slides, a ride, carnival games, food, bars, etc. This was also another main highlight of my trip.

2. Lady Bird Cafe was so so yummy. We ate really amazing food and the place was also huge and so cute. They have a huge grass area with a bar truck and other fun games creating the best atmosphere. I’d highly recommend making a stop here.

3. Pancake Social was the perfect retro dining experience. The food and coffee was phenomenal but they had the cutest decor and diner vibe. It felt like we went back in time for breakfast. Highly recommend it. (Also right near Ponce City)

4. Revolution Donuts actually may be the best donuts I’ve had to this day. They had the craziest and wacky flavors but they all were so bomb. This place is also right in Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward area which I fell in love with. If you search Bar Taco on maps from Revolution, you’ll walk right into the best area filled with restaurants!


1. Avalon in Alpharetta reminded me so much of Crocker Park from home. A ton of shops and restaurants in one of the nicest areas in town. We had so much fun walking around and spent the whole night here.

2. Atlantic Station is another popular shopping area right in Midtown. We didn’t get to spend too much time here, but it was also filled with shops and restaurants. I’m definitely going to make plenty of stops once I live in Atlanta. I’d highly recommend eating at Salata!

3. Krog Street Market is a super quaint and fun little market right in Inman. A ton of little pop-up vendors with food, pastries, coffee, smoothies, and all the tastebud dreams. Definitely stop here for lunch one day and support local businesses! They are currently expanding as well so I can only imagine what it’ll look like within the next year. So fun.

All in all, I fell in LOVE with Atlanta and I think it was due to the amazing gems Atlanta has to offer. If you ever are in the area, definitely check out some of the things I’ve listed. If you’ve ever been, you have to share...where’s your favorite stop in Atlanta?

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