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My Healthier Go-To Orders at Chain Restaurants

I always try my best throughout the week to eat as good as I can and stay on top of my habits. Since moving, I feel like I’ve been eating pretty decent and fueling my body properly. Don’t get me wrong - I do LOVEEE driving through somewhere or making a quick stop for dinner instead of making something. Honestly, you don’t really ever have to feel guilty about eating food or at places that make you happy but you can also make some healthy(er) choices while out and about! Here are some of my go-to orders at chain restaurants.

1. Chick Fil A

- Grilled cool wrap with a side of fruit (or fries because that was definitely me the other day LOL). The grilled cool wrap obviously has grilled chicken and is much better for you than anything fried. You have to get the fat free honey mustard dressing with it though! The fruit side at Chick-Fil-A is much better than any other place. They give you some actually yummy fruit instead of just honeydew or something. :)

- The grilled chicken sandwich has a tonn of protein in it and doesn’t leave you feeling icky after eating it. You can also still eat it with your favorite sauce! Duh.

- The market salad is also sooo good. This salad has grilled chicken and fruit in it so it leaves you full after. It’s like summer in a bowl. One of my favs!

2. Starbucks

- Whenever I get food at Starbucks, I usually try to get their oatmeal. Their original oatmeal comes with dried fruit, nuts, and brown sugar on the side. It is very sweet and also leaves you fuller compared to a lot of other options!

- I honestly make my own coffee at home 95% of the time and when I do get Starbucks coffee, I honestly don’t shoot for a crazy healthy alternative. (I also don’t order drinks with crazy amounts of calories and add all the foams and stuff.) If you do want a great option that I was getting for a while - I would literally order a double shot of espresso in a venti cup and add 2 pumps of whatever syrup I wanted. (Caramel, pumpkin, etc.) Then I would go home and dump my protein shake into it and it was BOMB! It also obviously gave me so much protein in the morning. I know there are also so many TikToks with healthy drink alternatives but that’s all in regards to flavors/drink choices that you prefer. I won’t go on a long list! :)

3. Chipotle

- I’m not sure my go-to order from Chipotle is the healthiest but I would just say to try and avoid all of the extra sour cream, dressings, and cheese that you get on your bowl. I would say probably ordering a salad instead of a regular bowl is better but I don’t even do that so I’m not going to lie through my teeth HAHA. I usually get brown rice, chicken, black beans, corn, and then a side of guac. Not really any great veggies in there but I don’t get cheese or sour cream. So take that for what it’s worth LOL. My order is too good to switch it up. I just can’tttt. I will say though - I went vegetarian for a few weeks a little bit ago and I would always order a veggie burrito and it was so yummy. The fajita veggies with rice and beans and whatever else you wanted = FUEGO.

4. Panera

- I honestly don’t really ever eat panera anymore because of how overpriced and low quality I feel that it is, but usually I aim for a soup and salad here. It’s very easy at Panera to build up calories quickly so I typically order a half chicken noodle soup and half green goddess salad. One time I ordered a side of fruit for $5 and it was like 2 pieces of pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew. NEVER AGAIN LOL.

5. Dunkin

- I must say I’m proud of how my drink at Dunkin has evolved over the years. I used to get all of my drinks with cream and sugar and now I usually just get oat milk. I usually order an iced caramel coffee/latte with oat milk. Pretty simple! Although it could be good or bad depending on how chaotic they make it that day of course. :)

- Food wise, I usually get just a sausage and egg sandwich with no cheese (because I’ve been trying to eliminate dairy as much as possible) and then get ketchup with it. I’ve also gotten the wake-up wraps before. They are less calories but I don’t find them very filling.

These are the chains I usually eat at the most! If there’s other chains you want me to do please let me know in the comments! :) What is your go-to order at one of these?

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