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Christmas Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be very difficult for loved ones. Especially when you feel like you have to top it every single year. Here’s some gifts I’ve given which have been a big hit or just creative and unique ideas in general. :)

Majority of the photos are posted and described underneath. Click the underlined title to shop! (I'd also suggest scrolling through all categories of people for ideas. Something may be underneath the "SISTER" section that may be the perfect gift for your best friend!)

For MOM:

1. Recreating old baby photos

We gifted this to our mom two years ago on Mother’s Day and she said it was one of her favorite gifts she’s ever received. It’s not only funny, but also very meaningful and takes a lot of effort. What you need to do is pick out a few old photos, find outfits that best match what you were wearing before, take the photos that best suit the old location, print them out, and put them side by side in a photo book. Trust me this is a winner right here.

I received this Cozy Earth jogger set a few months ago and let me just say, this is one of the comfiest things I’ve ever put on my body. Although a bit pricier, it truly is worth the money and high quality to last a while.

Although I don’t personally own one, this blanket seems to be all the rave. They have great ratings and are very popular. (If you want a cheaper alternative, the Styled Collection has a dupe that is just as nice.)

My family owns one of these, it really is super convenient to do a quick kitchen sweep. It is a cordless vacuum which makes it 10 times better. Sometimes I even want to pick it up and use it, which is crazy! LOL. Whose mom doesn’t love a clean house? :)

For DAD:

My family owns an air fryer and let me just say, I don’t know how our family used to function without one. This is such a simple but practical gift and will be used for a long time.

Once my dad tried these on, he bought a pair in every single color. They’re not only comfy, but obviously Lulu is great quality and long-lasting.

3. Yeti

Such a classic go-to. Whether it’s a coffee mug or large tumbler, your dad will get plenty of use out of it.

This gift is hilarious but also useful!

These things are no joke! I know my mom has wanted one for forever and everyone who has one, raves about it!

These glasses are STUNNING! Especially for a baseball lover. Bring a little bit of city pride home for Christmas.

For HER:

Although a tad expensive, Olaplex has been around for a while and never seems to disappoint. Worth the money IMO.

Noah got me a Nespresso for our anniversary two years ago and I was thrilled. The coffee is great and also saves you so much money from buying Starbucks every day.

If your girl is constantly paying for her own nails, this is a game changer. The set is on the cheaper side and I’ve loved doing my own nails at home! Here's the link to the UV light too.

4. Experiences together!

Topgolf, axe throwing, bowling, game night (dave & busters), escape rooms, painting/pottery class, any sort of date night!

For HIM:

This is a much cheaper option than a Theragun. Great for your muscles and makes it easy to massage yourself!

Unless he easily loses his glasses all the time, I think this is a great gift! I was gifted Ray Bans for my graduation two years ago and they're still in great condition. I wear them all the time!

Whether it’s AirPods or Beats, a new pair of headphones is always a safe choice. I gave Noah the Beats Studio Buds last month for our anniversary and he really likes them! I’m personally not the biggest fan of AirPods because they fall out of my ears a lot and sometimes don’t work. Personally, I would choose the Beats!

Whether your man is in college or living with you, a nice pair of slippers can never do you wrong. Easy slide ons to walk through the dorm or to the kitchen go a long way, especially in Ohio winters.

I know a wallet seems like a basic go-to, but any man could use a new one! These are customizable and very affordable!


Matching sets have been in for a while now and are the perfect gift. I’d say go with a fun color or a set that she usually wouldn’t buy for herself!

Every year for Christmas, I ask my mom for new make-up and skin care. There’s always products that we need more of!

Personally, I always hesitate to buy nice quality jewelry for myself. I always buy the cheap stuff from Forever 21. LOL. I know I always appreciate higher quality jewelry as a gift.

I know being “that girl” has been trending on TikTok and this seems cheesy, but I’ve had one of these and genuinely enjoyed filling it out. It helps you point out what you’re grateful for, things you want to accomplish throughout the day, affirmations, etc.

My mom has one and I stole it from her all last winter. It’s super warm and cozyyyy.


When was the last time your brother bought new bedding for himself? Exactly. Invest in that stuff for him!

If he doesn’t already have one, a Beats speaker or a JBL would be perfect. I’m asking for one for Christmas because I’ve always wished I had one in certain moments!

3. A pair of new shoes

Any boy loves a good, new pair of sneakers!

These are super classy and add a bit of style to your brother’s wardrobe. Help him impress his new date with this one. :)

5. Shop on Bespoke Post!

This website is BOMB for finding the perfect gifts for men!


We bought this for our grandma two years ago on Christmas and basically, the company asks him/her a ton of questions about their life. The company sends one question a week and your grandma/grandpa can pick and choose which questions they want to answer. When done, the company compiles all of the questions into a book format. There’s also an option to send an email with the response every time a question is answered. So as my grandma was filling it out, we all got an email with her response and got to read along the way. A super genius idea and I learned so much about her!


I LOVE my UGG slides that Noah bought me for Christmas a few years ago. (Still use them btw.) Another way cheaper alternative is the slippers from American Eagle. Let me tell you, I just bought them yesterday and they are seriously AMAZING! Memory foam on the bottom and keep my feet nice and warm for the winter.

This is another brand of sunglasses that are a bit more on the expensive side but great quality! I’ve had a pair since last Easter and they are still in amazing condition. Lots of cute styles too!

These little “fridges” are the perfect cabinet for your friend to put all of her skin care products in! Also cute decor for the room/bathroom without it looking messy!

As a fashion girl myself, I love shackets for layered looks. Forever 21 has a ton of cute and cheap options right now.

These phone cases are not only popular and cute, but are very durable and protect your phone.


If your friend has a coffee bar in her house, a clear mug set is the perfect addition! Keeping it clean and classy!

Over quarantine, my family was absolutely addicted to doing puzzles. Even if your friend doesn’t love puzzles, buy them one and without a doubt they’ll complete it at some point. Sometimes you just get in the mood. :)

These little gadgets are the perfect addition to a household. The egg maker makes hard boiled eggs in MINUTES without the hassle. The waffle maker is a super cheap alternative to buying a super huge one and works just as well!

As I was writing this blog, I discovered this and I think it is the coolest thing ever. Now you have a drink holder while sitting on the couch!

For someone who loves the old school, note-taking vibe, this is the best gift for them! You can write down your notes on this notepad, and it’ll send it over to your phone so you always have access to them wherever you go! Wipe with the rag to clear the page, and you’re already ready to go for your next meeting.

If your friend loves listening to music in the shower off their phone, get them this speaker! Why have a quiet Adele sob sesh when you could have a whole Adele concert?

7. TV subscription that they don’t have (Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, HBO, etc.)

This one is self explanatory. :)

For some reason, these just amp up the movie night by 10. A projector just makes it snugglier, ya know?

For the GYM RAT:

This is a small business I found on TikTok but they really have the cutest hoodies for my gym rat girlies. In love!

A typical go-to, but it’s a go-to for a reason. So many cute sets and options to wear for my girls and also great stuff for my men as well!

Recovery is key! Any type of foam roller or massager (Hypervolt listed above as well) I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.

LEG DAYYYY! These shoes are super trendy right now and are great for men and women. Get that squat form in check and have cute shoes while doing it!

Hopefully this helped give you unique gift ideas! Have another group you need help shopping for? Price range? Etc? Comment below and I will help you out!

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תגובה אחת

01 בדצמ׳ 2021

Lots of great stuff Chloe!! My book you guys made was my favorite gift EVER! Every mom will love that one!! ❤️

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