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2021 Wrapped :)

Is it only me, or sometimes at the end of the year do you feel like you really haven’t accomplished anything significant?? I find myself thinking I am in the same place, having done the same things, until I actually take a moment to really reflect. I think it’s because sometimes we only look for those huge “milestone moments” instead of giving ourselves credit for all the things along the way that add up. Here’s a look back at my 2021 and some of my favorite things I’ve conquered this year.

1. Group Fitness Certified

This was one of the very first things I began working on when the new year rolled around. I have always had a passion for fitness and figured getting certified would be fun and something new to conquer. I became certified through the American Council of Exercise. Now being able to teach and share that passion with others brings me so much joy and I’m so happy I ended up completing the program.

2. Completed 75 Hard

This was a bigggg mental challenge for me! Over the summer, all the ladies in my family did this 75 Hard health challenge. The rules are: two 45 minute workouts a day (indoor and outdoor), a gallon of water a day, 10 pages of reading a day, set your own diet (obviously a healthier alternative to what you’ve been doing), and no alcohol...FOR SEVENTY FIVE DAYS. My family adjusted the rules just a smidge to make it fit to our liking. Make it doable for you! (Examples being: You don’t have to do indoor and outdoor workouts because Ohio weather isn’t always permitting, but we always tried our best. We also did 10-20 minutes of a podcast a day if you didn’t want to read.) So it was super hard…mentally and physically. There were many days we were traveling or doing other things and we would have to stay up to get our workouts in. The one day, Madeline and I literally walked around the airport and were doing lunges during our layover. LOL. It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done though and I’m most definitely going to do it again.

Here's a transformation for ya:

(The bedhead is real. LOL)

3. Visited at least eight cities I’ve never been to and lived somewhere new for a month and a half

This year I went to Denver, Birmingham, Scottsdale, Nashville, Atlanta, Sarasota, Provo, and I lived in Charlotte for a bit. I know I’m probably forgetting some cities but I loved everywhere I went this year! Definitely going to try to travel a bunch in 2022.

4. Signed with Docherty Talent Agency

Acting has always been on my radar, but I knew that with my limited experience it was going to be hard to sign with an agency. I actually did not even take an in person acting class until March of 2020, so I knew this was a big goal for such a short amount of time. The first time I submitted to Docherty I didn’t even get a response. But I put in the work and resubmitted and am super pumped to now be signed with them! This was a huge accomplishment for me and I’m so excited to see where the journey takes me.

First pic was the moment I found out. :)

5. Choreographed a billion competition numbers

Okay maybe not a billion, but I had a very dedicated summer of choreography. My sisters and I usually take on a decent amount of choreo, but this year it was more than the past. Some days doing choreography at one studio in the morning and another studio later that day. We got to work at lots of new studios this year and somehow we got it all done and I’m so excited to see our dances take the stage!

6. Started this blog and website!!

Ahhhhh! To believe I’ve come this far is absolutely crazy. It’s funny because I never really loved writing when I was in school, but I love writing these blogs! Turns out I actually enjoy writing when it’s about topics that I am interested in. ;) Hopefully you all find these useful and I’m excited to see where 2022 takes this site! I will definitely keep grinding.

7. Auditioned & booked my first movie! (And first ever professional dance job.)

What an absolute dream! I’m not going to touch on this now too much because I’m going to make an entire blog solely to talk about the experience, but needless to say, it was AMAZING. Literally the biggest dream come true. I met so many incredible people and it was so crazy to me that it was my “work” for a month and a half. I’m so excited to share memories and stories with you all. Be sure to be on the lookout for Somethin’ Here film in 2022. WOOOO!!!!

It’s crazy because even a few months ago, I was in such a low place. I felt really stuck and like nothing in my life was happening like it was supposed to. But looking back at it all like this, there were some pretty great things that came about this year. And then ending my year landing a dream dance job that took me to North Carolina with my sister, well, it doesn't get better than that. I ended my year doing what I have dreamed about doing since I was thirteen years old!!!!! It got me PUMPED y’all. And it made me so so excited for what 2022 has to offer. It’s going to be a good year. I can feel it! Let me know some of your wins from the year! Big or small…they all count!! Here’s to all we accomplished in 2021 and all we are about to do in 2022!

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