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10 Self Care Practices

Self care is something that I’ve really gotten into over the past year-ish. Situations in my life were getting the best of me and mentally I was struggling. The only thing I could really do to get myself through what I was dealing with was to try and take good care of myself. YOU aren’t going anywhere so make sure that you learn to care for yourself and love who you are. Here are a few self-care practices you can adapt into your daily life to help give yourself some self love. (I need to work on some of these with you!)

1. Meditation. This one is something I really want to start diving into. I know a lot of people who meditate as soon as they wake up (instead of going on their phone right away lol). It’s a great way to connect with yourself, find peace, and also just find gratitude every morning. Maybe this will be my June goal for myself. :)

2. Walks. Everyone has been on the HGW (hot girl walk) trend lately, but it doesn’t even have to be anything special. Throw on some music and just take a stroll through your neighborhood or down the street. There are so many health benefits to walking aside from just the physical. Moving your body around every single day doesn’t always have to be super grueling.

3. Stretching/yoga. Our bodies tend to physically hold on to stress. This is a great way to release that tension and connect with yourself. Relax and find gratitude for being alive. (While also benefiting your body in the best way.)

4. Skin care/hair care. Pampering yourself always feels good. It’s so funny because I used to do absolutely NOTHING for my skin and my hair. I’d shampoo my hair and then wash my face with a random makeup remover wipe and that would be it. But y’all, ever since I adapted a true morning routine, Gua Sha and all, I swear I always end up in the absolute best mood when I’m done. I feel clean, pretty, and ready to start my day. Invest in a few pampering items for yourself and start treating your body right. You’ll feel way healthier, cleaner, and more confident when you do! (I also just found the cutest headbands for facewashing that make me smile every morning when I start and end my day! Check out my Amazon storefront linked here under "Self Care"…I’m telling you, the are adorable and will start your day with a smile! I linked my gua sha that I ordered as well.)

5. Reading & getting off your phone! Another one I really need to start doing. I LOVE reading but right now I only read at the beach. :) HAHAHA. Books can be for enjoyment, but I also really want to get into reading for educational purposes. (Since I’m not a fancy college girl like lots of you. :)) So that’s another goal of mine! I spend way too much time on my phone so I need to start substituting that with books!

6. Spend time with people you love. There truly is nothing better than being surrounded by people you love and who love you. It can heal! Go out and get dinner, reach out to the friend you haven’t seen in awhile, have a night in with friends and watch movies, go grab a coffee with your mom. You may be tired after, but I promise you won’t regret it.

7. Lighting candles, turning on music, and cleaning. (In that order :)) Cleaning out your sh*t, reorganizing, and getting your life together is literally the best feeling. I look forward to cleaning my apartment every single week because it always feels like I have a fresh reset to my week. Everything is organized, my life feels sane, and if I need to find something, it’s in the right place. Having music on just adds to the ambiance of your activity which makes it actually FUN because you can sing and dance along!

8. Self reflect at the end of the day. What went well throughout your day? What didn’t? What were things you did that made you happy? What yummy food did you eat? Write down the things you’re grateful for and continue to practice them in your days following. Acknowledging things in your daily life that fill you up can improve your life as a whole. (I have a gratitude journal that I have used throughout my life that is also pretty awesome. Also in my storefront under "Health & Fitness"! Starting and ending your day with gratitude is a GAME CHANGER!)

9. Getting outside. I KNOW. I preach this in every other blog that I write, but getting outside every day is so important. It doesn’t even have to be for exercise. Just being in the fresh air and (sometimes) sunlight is HEALING. It always cures my bad moods.

10. Treat yourself. I have no problem doing this one. :) Whether it’s an outfit you’ve been wanting for months or a dessert you’ve been craving all day, get it! Self care doesn’t have to always mean drinking smoothies 24/7 and saving all of your money. It can also just be watching your favorite show at the end of the night. Make sure you fill your life up with whatever YOU love. It’s your life. Make sure you enjoy it!

You won’t be happy if you never invest in YOU. Treat yourself, find peace in the amazing person you are, enjoy nature and the people you love. You’re the only person that is stuck with you the rest of your life so you might as well learn to love yourself! Let me know which of these you already do and which you feel like you need to work on! I’m curious if we are the same! ;)

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