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Chloe Mihacevich


Hi there!

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Hi friends!  Welcome to my little corner of the internet!


I’m Chloe Mihacevich and I am currently pursuing my dream of being a professional dancer and actress in Atlanta, GA! 


I've always had a go-getter, extroverted, never-afraid-of-anything personality type. (I get it from my mama :)) So I am not afraid of the big challenges that lie ahead!


I grew up in, what you would consider, a small town in Ohio. I began dancing at a very young age with my two sisters who are my ultimate besties. (As the middle child, you could say I made sure I was never the "forgotten one." :) All three of us danced throughout school together competing and traveling all over the country. In 2017, we had the opportunity to compete on Season 1 of NBC's World of Dance. Following the show, we toured on the first ever international WOD Tour and taught at the WOD DX Convention. I now dance, choreograph, and teach at different dance studios all around the country with my sisters. Some of the most recent jobs I had the opportunity to dance on were Something Here Film (coming out soon), The 46th Annual Kennedy Center Honors and SZA's International SOS Tour.


Alongside dance, I also am a certified group fitness instructor through ACE Fitness and sometimes will pop in acting classes for fun if I ever have free time when I'm not dancing. In the long run, being in or choreographing movies, TV shows, or Broadway musicals is my ultimate career goal. (I know, pretty small dream to ask for :)) Who knows what else I'll add to this list in the next few months?! With me, you never know. LOL.  


Ultimately, I think I want to be more than just one thing in my life. I don't want to be just a dancer, teacher, choreographer, trainer, actress, or singer. I want to inspire others, be a best friend to someone, be the reason someone takes a shot at their dreams, be the reason someone tries something new, and maybe even change someone's life.


So I encourage you to follow along on my journey, because if nothing else I'm sure we'll all get a few laughs along the way. Welcome bestie.  Glad you’re here. :)


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